About us

Ever find a book with a gorgeous cover, an interesting title and absolutely no substance on the back? Ever fall in love with a book, only for it to reveal that its tantalizing story was riddled with boring tropes and misplaced shock value? Ever go wading through spoiler-ridden reviews because you’re looking for some specific story element? We’re here to help!

We are creating a website where our comprehensive search will help you find the books you want to read, before you read them. TagCat is a tagging catalog for literature. These tags currently include language, genre, point of view, narrative structure, setting, audience, tropes, themes, character information, story events, and sensitive content like violence, abuse, and illnesses. In addition to the listed categories, metadata like publisher information, awards, adaptations, and available media types will be tagged. This list is by no means exhaustive.

The site is in development, we’re currently working towards a closed alpha version to test our planned features, our interface design and of course our code. We are also diligently tagging books to develop tagging conventions and guidelines. Follow us on social media or join us!

The team behind TagCat is a small, international team of volunteers who love books. We are students, authors, teachers, programmers, designers and more from all walks of life.

Follow us on our glorious journey to better book jackets, better content warnings, and better searching for reading material!
Life’s too short to read everything. Read what you actually want instead!